Client Portal

Deliver, Share, and Collect Payments on Documents with Integrated Client Portals

Document Management and Client Portal

Our Document Management System and Client portal are tightly integrated. Files uploaded are automatically in the document management system and client portal unless marked as "Firm Only" documents. You control the custom email and text notifications your clients receive of new uploads so that clients don't get flooded with email notifications. The client portal is designed to both intuitive and easy for clients to navigate.

Secure Share To Third Parties

Protecting your clients confidential identity is important to you - and it's important to them. Securely share tax and other documents with third parties, such as mortgage brokers, without having to set up a separate portal account. Stop putting complicated passwords on Email attachments. Rest easy knowing that you are compliant. Also, clients can securely share documents on their own. Secure links can be any combination of password protected, number of opens, or set with an expiration date. A return receipt option is included so you know when the third party accessed the document.

Fast Encrypted Uploads for Both Clients and Firms

Rest easy knowing uploads are encrypted during transmission. Our encrypted file upload code is one of the fastest in the industry. Uploads and document views are always available from the nearest server to the user. Every client is able to upload and view documents at a blazing speed.

Payment Lock Documents- Protect Your Work

Our Patented Technology gives your firm the option to require payment before clients are permitted to access their document. Once payment is made the document is automatically unlocked for your client to access, download or share at their convenience and as often as they like, freeing you and your staff to focus on other activities. You get paid faster and with less effort. Process payments in any currency.

Compliance Document Audit Trail

Pascal keeps a record of every upload, every view, every share, and every download for every user with a date stamp. Know exactly when a client uploaded or viewed a document to insure all deadlines are responsibilities are kept with the correct party.

Easy Client Access

Like many portals, clients receive an invite link to set up a Username and Password. However, with Pascal, your clients have the option to connect their Gmail or Facebook account for easy "social login". This means that clients will have one less password to remember. In the event that clients forget their password they can reset their own account using either a secret question or their registered cell phone. Use our "Login Widget" to create a access point directly on your website. All with Bank Level Security.

Firm Level Control

We developed the portal to be a convenience you offer to your client's. However, at anytime you can disable (or enable) a client's access to the portal without having to delete documents. Further, any individual document uploaded to the portal can be reclassified as a firm only document leaving the firm in complete and absolute control of every document and every portal account.

Upload Integrations (Coming Soon!)

Fast uploads directly from the desktop or drag and drop are fantastic. But the cloud is the new hard drive. Pascal connects both firm and portal users to some of the world's most popular cloud drives for a powerful file uploading experience, including Drop Box,, Google Drive, Evernote, Amazon Cloud Drive, ScanSnap, Twain Scanners and even a users own mobile device for use on our Android App(coming soon!)

Pascal Workflow is the All-In-One Solution for the Modern Accountant.