Complete Document Management

Document Management for the Modern Accountant

Auto Capture Email Attachments

Stop looking in multiple locations for client documents. Pascal links with your email account. Every incoming email attachments from clients are automatically loaded into your Document Management System and related to the appropriate client. Our system is so advanced that when you add a new person we will do a 365 day look back and bring in all your clients attachments from exactly one year ago. Every future email attachment from clients will be automatically logged into the Document Management System. No longer will you need to forward emails to team members. All documents from all teams inbox's are in one central place so that your team can get to work faster.

Custom File Storage

It is easy for files to get lost in a file tree organizational structure. In Pascal you "tag" documents based upon their subject and tax year. Documents are allowed to have more than one tag. For instance, does an Tax Authority letter about a Payroll Audit belong in the payroll folder, the audit folder, or the Correspondence folder? With Pascal you can place that ONE document in all three without having any duplication. Create as many "tags" as you wish or stick to our default tags, the choice is yours.

Upload Multiple Files

Uploading more than one file at a time is no issue. Upload as many documents as you need at one time - there is no limit. Your team will be have confidence knowing their files were uploaded via a progress bar and will rest easy knowing that our software supports Resumable File Uploads should they experience internet connection problems. Our software supports uploading entire folders at blazing fast speed and reliability.

Upload Flexibility

Working on a business return and want to send it to all the partners at the same time? No Problem. Our Document Management System is a true database not just a file tree. Upload a document to the company and relate it to as many people as you wish. This insures that there is just ONE common document for all company partners not separate copies of the same tax return for each partner. Create a single source of truth.

Payment Lock Documents

Our Patented Technology gives your firm the option to require payment before clients are permitted to access their document. Once payment is made the document is automatically unlocked for your clients to access, download or share at their convenience and as often as they like, freeing you and your staff to focus on other activities. Process payments in any currency.

In App Document Viewing and Merging

Our competitors document management systems require that you download the document and view the PDF in you desktop PDF program. We removed this frustration in our DMS. Simply click view to open your documents right inside the application - no jumping to another screen or forced downloads. Everything is right there are your fingertips for easy document viewing to get work done. We even give you the option to merge source documents to make data entry quick and painless as possible.

Relate to Project

Relate incoming or recently scanned documents to an existing project or create a completely new project on the fly. Team members will not only know exactly what and when to work on a project, but will also have all the documents necessary to get the job done with less distractions. No more searching multiple inboxes for documents. Documents related to a project insures complaint record keeping.

Integrated Client Portal

Our Document Management System and Client portal are tightly integrated. Files uploaded to the DMS are viewable in the client portal when enabled. Documents can be marked as "Firm Only" making them invisible to client portal users.

Upload Integrations (Coming Soon!)

Fast uploads directly from the desktop or drag and drop are fantastic. But, the cloud is the new hard drive. Pascal connects both firm and portal users to some of the world's most popular cloud drives for a powerful file uploading experience, including Drop Box,, Google Drive, Evernote, Amazon Cloud Drive, ScanSnap, Twain Scanners and even a users own mobile device for use on our Android App(coming soon!)

Pascal Workflow is the All-In-One Solution for the Modern Accountant.