Organize and visualize your workflow so client work gets done and nothing falls through the cracks.

Unlimited Projects

All plans of Pascal Workflow include unlimited Projects. Projects are client specific work that your firms needs to address. The foundation of any Projectr include a start date, an end date, a project manager, tasks to complete the project and a detailed project description.

Custom Recurring Projects

Pascal Workflow allows you to create projects with completely customized recurring schedules. Recurring projects will have a new start date and end date consistent with the schedule set up. Recurring Projects can be edited independently or edits can apply to the entire series. Recurring project schedules can have unlimited occurrences or be scheduled to launch a set number of times. As with everything in Pascal you are in complete control.

Task Dependencies inside Projects with Drag and Drop

Projects can be organized so that each task needs to be completed in sequential order. Or you can simply create a list of tasks associated with the Projects. Tasks can be assigned to the dedicated Project Manager or to individual team members to foster collaboration. Change the order of tasks inside a project with our easy to use drag and drop interface.

Kanban Boards

The Kanban method gives you insight into where everything stands across your firm. Visualize projects by project manager, status, client, start date, or due date. Quickly drag and drop projects to reallocate resources or bring a future project forward. Move projects across status indicators to quickly keep track of projects. See when future work is scheduled so you can allocate adequate firm resources.

Related Documents

Relate Documents to existing projects or create new projects on the fly from incoming documents. Relating Source Documents to projects insures that project managers have everything they need to complete assignments on time every time.

Project Templates.

Create custom Project Templates to standardize projects for your entire firm. Templates allow you to create and schedule projects faster and with greater accuracy. Use our default templates or create your owns.

Pascal Workflow is the All-In-One Solution for the Modern Accountant.