Set Expectations, Automate Payment
Send Engagement Letters and Collect Signatures

Build and Deliver Beautiful Proposals

Create and send client proposals in minutes.  Onboard new work faster and with less after-the-fact confusion with proposals that are easy for everyone involved to understand.   Proposals include Engagement letters with the necessary language to comply with professional standards.

Service Templates

Keep your proposals consistent with templates that outline your scope of work, fees, and automates engagement letter creation.  Reuse templates over and over to build proposals and engagement letters faster.  Standardize your firms offerings making it easier to increase profit margins.

Make it a done deal with E-Signatures

It is all about the sign-off and absolute clarity.  Pascal Workflow makes it easier and faster for your client to not only know exactly what you are offering but will be impressed, and say yes faster.  Legally binding E-Signatures on your Proposals mean that you will have confidence in your offering and will be able to set priorities resulting in higher fees and less wasted time.   Clients know exactly where to sign your Proposals with an experience similar to expensive third party applications.  

Automate Payments

At your option you can require payment arrangements directly inside the proposal.  Rest easy knowing you will be paid promptly for your work faster and with less effort on your part.   When payment arrangements are "required" clients simply enter the method of payment details and our systems handle the rest.  Payments can be processed as any combination of At Acceptance, On Completion, or part of recurring series.  

Give Estimates and Ask for a Retainer

Sometimes its unknown how much time and expertise will be involved in a client project.  Deliver proposals with an estimate of the total cost of the project or give your clients an estimate of the total hours along with a custom hourly rate.  Want to get a retainer before you start?  No issue.  You can require a down payment at Acceptance so that you know your clients is serious about you taking on this Engagement.  

No Engagement Period End Date Required

Our competitors require that every proposal has a specific and set end date for each and every engagement.  This means that each year you have to "roll over" each proposal and present it yet again to your client.  We feel this is not appropriate for ALL engagements.  Clients are presented again with determining if your service is of value to them just after you got their bookkeeping organized and easy to handle.  At your option, you can have a proposal set up so that it lives month to month with no end date and no requirement for the client to sign off each year.  Recurring projects and recurring billing happen until you or your clients request new arrangements.

Proposals for Workflow and Collaboration

Paper based Engagement Letters are not built for collaboration or project management.  In Pascal Workflow Proposals can be used to automatically trigger project assignment to team members.   If enabled, once a Proposal is accepted by your client the appropriate team member is notified that he or she has a new project assignment.  The team member can clearly see the summary of the client work inside the project so that everything discussed in the Proposal is addressed quickly and efficiently.  Requests for client information can also be automated so that all work flows faster and nothing falls through the cracks.  

Pascal Workflow is the All-In-One Solution for the Modern Accountant.