Tired of chasing and reminding clients for missing information? Of Course you are. It's your least favorite part of your business.

Automated Follow Up

Stop the constant email and phone call chain of tracking down clients for missing information. Pascal handles the burden for you by following up with your clients until every question and document you need is collected. We'll let you know when everything is back and you can get to work.

Recurring Reminders

Need information from clients on a schedule? No problem. Create a request and set up a custom repeating schedule. We will create a brand new Request and send it automatically on whatever schedule you set up. Monthly, daily, quarterly, every 6 months, whatever is needed - Pascal Workflow handles it for you so you can get busy growing your firm.

Custom Response Types

Every ask your client a date of birth of a dependent in an email and only get the day and month? When you phrase a question to the client you dictate the type of response. Text box, date picker, yes/no, document upload and even a simple "Acknowledge" check box for those times you want to make sure a client is aware of an important item. Whatever the case may be, our Request feature is designed to give you and your clients absolute clarity and avoid frustrating back and forth follow up.

Requests Templates

Use Request Templates to speed up the process of asking clients for information. Create them only once and send to whomever and whenever over and over. Use templates to onboard new clients, inform clients of all the information you need to complete a project you are working on, or really just about anything you find yourself asking over and over to many clients.


Sometimes clients simply need more time to get everything together. Perhaps they are going on vacation and you need to pause the reminder emails. Simply Snooze the Request with a new start date. All notification reminders to your clients stop. Once that new date is reached we will start reminding the clients of the information you need. This way you never have to "remind yourself to remind your client" ever again.

Compliance Request Audit Trail

Pascal keeps a record of every open, view and answer with a date stamp. Know exactly when a client viewed or answered a request. Never again be unsure of when you asked a client for what information and when. Know exactly when they responded.

Reopen a Request

Ever ask a client to get you missing information and they responded with a simple "Okay" but never actually got you the information you need? Frustrating to say the least. With Pascal's request feature you can reopen any answered request by simply responding to the answer, similar to how you respond to conversation in Linkedin or Facebook. Yes, it's that easy. We will move the Request to a non-completed status and once again remind the client for the information you need.

Text Notifications

At your option, clients receive text notifications as well as emails. With the ever increasing use of smart phones having the ability to remind clients via text means that your request for information will always be important.

Pascal Workflow is the All-In-One Solution for the Modern Accountant.