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Import Clients Automatically

Getting started is easy.  With just an email address or a sync of your email account new clients, prospects, referral partners, and company records can be created.  We search the cloud for your contact's information such as full name, address, phone number, social networks, company description, and even a profile picture.  All information is entered for you - automagically.  

Any time a client updates their social profile or adds a phone number, we sync the records for you.  With our social cloud search you will always have the most up to date information and the fastest client record creation system in the industry.  All with virtually zero input from you.  

Increase Efficiency with Accounting Integration

Our free forever plans include an available integration with Quickbooks Online and Xero.  Quickly view any client’s payment status or history.  Account details are synced back to your accounting software.  Eliminate dual data entry and automatically create invoices and record payments from our Engagement/Proposal platform or our patented “Payment Protect” tax return feature.   Quickbooks Desktop Integration is available.

Set Priorities, Get Organized, Manage Time

With Pascal Workflow you will always have an overview of everything without having to check with team members for status updates.  Create projects directly from incoming documents, on the fly, or from accepted proposals.  Keep track of time spent on each project with detailed time and billing reports.   Considering value or fixed fee billing to accelerate your firm's profits?  Use the reports to make sure every job is profitable.  

With our workflow solutions, your team will know exactly what needs to be done.  All information is beautifully displayed in a timeline view that shows the exact history of all activities including phone calls.   With our due date monitoring, nothing falls through the cracks.  

Engagement and Proposal Management  

Create engagement letters linked to proposals.   Your clients and prospects will clearly understand their role in the business relationship.  Link your proposals with your fees by accepting or requiring payment terms at the time of proposal acceptance.  You can even request clients to digitally sign the engagement in your office or remotely.  

Value-based, fixed fee, or time and billing models are perfectly managed and synced back to your accounting software.  Accepted proposals can be used to automate project assignment.  You can even trigger sending your clients their tax organizer or to-do lists.  Your firm will be more organized, more profitable, and grow faster with Pascal Workflow.

Document Management and Client Portal

Complete Document Management for Firms of all Sizes.  Locate documents with just a keyword.  Give clients access to their documents by inviting them to use the portal. Documents sent to clients can be “Payment Protected”.   This optional feature locks the document and requires clients to make payment before they can access it.  When sending documents to third parties, share a secure link instead of emailing.  

Full Document Management System, unlimited client portals, as well as available integration with providers such as Box.comOneDrive, and Google Drive make Pascal Workflow flexible and powerful.   

Features to Awesome to Not Mention

E-signatures - Remote or In-Office Digital Signatures for any document including IRS compliant 8879s.

Scan and Organize documents into searchable bookmarked PDFs with source documents grouped together for easier data entry for tax returns.

Online Appointment Scheduling makes it easy for clients to see when you are available and schedule appointments or calls without having to access a portal.  

Advanced Third Party Integration available on our paid plans include applications such as BlueLeaf and Laserapp for firms offering Investment and Security Services.  Use Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to take charge of your marketing efforts.   

Pascal Workflow integrates with third party tools you have grown to love.  We allow you to decided what works best for your firm and clients.